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    In Azië maken noedels en instantnoedels deel uit van de basis van bijna elke maaltijd. Van China tot Indonesië, elk land heeft zijn eigen favoriete merken, soorten en smaken noedels. Wij hebben een heerlijke selectie samengesteld uit alle hoeken van Azië, zodat u altijd de perfecte noedel voor uw gerecht vindt!
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    As one of the more typical Asian products, Asian Food Lovers of course offers noodles in their assortment. Noodles are a food product that is made from unfermented dough which needs to be cooked in boiling water. For that reason noodles are part of the category pasta. Noodles are an important part of the world of Asian food. Fresh as well as dried noodles are available depending on the noodle variety.

    How do you prepare noodles?

    This variaty can be used in various ways for many different meals. Cooked noodles are also known in the meal Spaghetti Bolognese. Add a delicious sauce and your meal is done. Have you got some left-over noodles from yesterday’s meal? Don’t throw anything away and use them the next day in a salad such as the yam woensen salad. Noodles can also be baked, as used in the dish bami goreng. Would you prefer a fried dish? Cooked noodles can be fried turning them in to a delicious bowl of mie noodles. As you can see noodles can be used in various ways and can be enjoyed any day of the week.

    Noodles at Asian Food Lovers

    Asian Food Lovers will do anything to ensure you receive the best products when working in the kitchen on the Asian cuisine. Be introduced to the Asian cuisine by using the online Asian shop, Asian Food Lovers. Here you will be familiarized with different products which belong to the Asian kitchen and now also to you!

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