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Aziatische snacks zijn er in vele soorten, smaken en maten! In deze categorie vind je vooral bekende snacks zoals rijstcrackers, chips en kroepoek maar ook Aziatische snoepsoorten en bijvoorbeeld gedroogde zeewiersnacks.
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Prawn crackers

Prawn crackers always add something nice to your dinner. It is eaten as a side dish or as a snack. Often upon entry of an Asian restaurant prawn crackers are served before you receive your meal. Prawn crackers are available in many different kinds, all cooked in different ways. In the Netherlands we know different varieties with the most famous one being made with flour and prawns. We also know this kind by the name Oedang, or naturel. In Indonesia they eat many different kinds of prawn crackers; they have tens of hundreds of varieties.

Different kinds of prawn crackers

There are many different kinds of prawn crackers available. Below you can find a small overview of the more popular kinds of prawn crackers:

  • Palembang
  • Cassave, vegetarian
  • Potato crackers
  • Ikan, fish based
  • Garlic crackers

How are prawn crackers made?

Prawn crackers consist of fish, with as base prawns. These are cleaned to ensure only the tender part of the fish remains. This meat is then ground to a paste. Combined with flour it is then steam in the shape of a bread loaf. Slices are then cut of this loaf and fried. The prawn crackers sold in shops consists of little to no prawns and is mainly made of flour.

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